The New Look

In January 2018 Pico introduced a brand-new look designed to launch us into a new era, refresh our image and celebrate an impressive milestone: 25 years of being listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. This new look is more than a rejuvenated logo: it is a reminder that Pico is stronger than ever and fully equipped to succeed in the new digital age.

Pico has always been a place of ideas, filled with people who have a unique ability to turn creative concepts into living, breathing reality.

Today, the many opportunities presented by social media and complex emerging technologies present new arenas where our dynamic creativity can shine; however, these opportunities are matched by an equal number of challenges. This intricate multi-channel marketing environment requires focus, drive and originality at every touch point.

Pico has been reinvigorated and energised – in addition to our leading experience design capabilities, which bring brands to life through powerful and memorable experiences crafted from strategy to execution; our new Pico+ stream provides integrated engagement methodologies that seamlessly blend digital, wearables, social media and other technology-based modes of engagement with real-life experiences – helping us create promising returns that meet the ever-more sophisticated needs of our clients.

Our new branding and innovative value-generating strategies will allow us to build on our half century-long track record and cement our global reputation as a market leader. This is already happening – during the year under review, the Group won a Silver award in the B2B Agency category and Bronze in the Event Agency category at Marketing Magazine’s Agency of the Year Awards 2017 in Hong Kong. In late 2017, CEI Asia magazine’s Readers’ Choice voted us the Best Event Agency in Asia Pacific. In North America, we have been listed as one of Special Events magazine’s 50 Top Event Companies since 2012.

With a courageous, growth-minded management team, a powerful and energetic workforce, and a growing client base, these new developments at Pico have poised us for both short-term and long-term success.